Tiny Love: 6 Developmental Wonders

When I find a company or product that I love, I feel it is my duty to share it with you guys! So, that’s why I can’t keep Tiny Love a secret – every product they create is designed with the 6 Developmental Wonders™ in mind, so you can rest assured that these are functional but also serve an important development purpose! Tiny Love’s 6 Developmental Wonders include consideration for cognition, communication, gross & fine motor skills, senses, creativity, and emotions. You can bet these are things I can get behind when it comes to buying baby products for your home.

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I want to highlight 3 of my favorite Tiny Love products for you and show you how their careful design can help promote purposeful play and foster your child’s development:

Tiny Love 2-in-1 Take Along Deluxe Bassinet

Tiny Love 2-in-1 Take Along Deluxe Bassinet

Tiny Love Key Features:

  • Portable and lightweight with an adjustable canopy, so you can take the bassinet wherever your baby needs to be. This comes with a compact carrying case for easy traveling.
  • Removable tummy time mat and tummy time supports mean you can get in a tummy time session wherever you take your bassinet
  • Flat surface with optional rocking mode makes this a safe sleep space for your baby
  • Includes a developmental booklet so you can always know how to foster your baby’s development with this product
Tiny Love 2-in-1 Take Along Deluxe Bassinet

Mommy & Me PT recommendations:

  • Use this as a portable tummy time station, especially if you have older children or pets. An elevated, enclosed space is perfect for helping your baby safely develop tummy time skills even when being on the floor isn’t ideal.
  • Use the overhead mobile to encourage skills like bringing hands to midline and batting at objects, which begin to emerge around 12 weeks. Then remove it and use it as a tummy time motivator, including reaching to objects on the tummy, which begins to emerge around 4 months.
  • Because this bassinet is so portable, it is the perfect alternative to containers like a swing or bouncy seat. Use this product’s rocking feature to soothe your baby while you do chores or cook dinner.
Tiny Love 2-in-1 Take Along Deluxe Bassinet

Tiny Love Deluxe 6-in-1 Here I Grow Play Yard

Tiny Love 6-in-1 Here I Grow Activity Play Yard

Tiny Love Key Features

  • A play mat featuring high-contrast toys can be used with the play yard or separately on the floor. This means you can easily transition between home and travel with the same developmental benefits.
  • This product includes 3 ways to play and 3 ways to care with its versatile adjustments. From a play mat to a bassinet to a full play yard, this product has something for all ages/stages.
  • A step-by-step developmental guide is included with this product, so you can easily keep track of how to support your baby’s development with this product.
Tiny Love 6-in-1 Here I Grow Activity Play Yard

Mommy & Me PT Recommendations:

  • Use the play gym either on the floor or inside the bassinet to promote reaching, batting, and kicking objects. These skills begin to emerge around 12 weeks.
  • This product is perfect for encouraging tummy time from day one. You can use the play mat separately or use the play yard/bassinet as a safe, enclosed space for tummy time. 
  • As your baby becomes more mobile, use the play yard as a contained yet open play space. You can place other developmental toys inside the play yard to encourage independent play.
  • Place the hanging toys along the rim of the play yard for babies who are starting to explore cruising, which emerges between 8-11 months. Your baby can cruise around the inside or the outside of the play yard to improve strength and balance in preparation for walking.
Tiny Love 6-in-1 Here I Grow Activity Play Yard

Tiny Love Boho Chic Luxe Developmental Gymini

Tiny Love Luxe Developmental Gymini

Tiny Love Key Features:

  • Includes 20 developmental activities to promote your baby’s milestones – learn about each activity in the complementary developmental booklet included
  • Baby-activated musical sloth supports cognitive development
  • Kickboard encourages motor movements of the legs
  • Tummy Time mirror supports the growth and development of tummy time skills
Tiny Love Luxe Developmental Gymini

Mommy & Me PT Recommendations:

  • Use the hanging toys from the wooden gym to support hands to midline, reaching for and batting objects, which emerge around 12 weeks.
  • Use the mirror and high-contrast objects to support tummy time from day one. This product has features that will help your baby progress through all tummy time skills, including lifting the head, reaching for objects, and pivoting.
  • Use the play gym, which includes toys, to promote independent sitting skills by visually encouraging reaching and batting at toys in sitting.
Tiny Love Luxe Developmental Gymini

One of the biggest things I look for when considering a toy or product to recommend is “how long can a family use this, and how many different developmental skills can this target?” I think it is extremely valuable when we can find products that will last for more than a few weeks and support more than just one skill. It’s easy to see that these 3 Tiny Love products I have highlighted definitely achieve this! Each one will support your baby through several stages of development and help foster many, many developmental skills. I would highly recommend each one of these if you are looking for the most bang for your buck on a baby product! I am always so thankful to find companies who truly think outside the box and prioritize development!

Hopefully, your family enjoys Tiny Love products as much as I have– shop more here!

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