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If you're counting your baby's age in months... this is for you.

Every monthly email includes:

Did you know that certain toys can engage your little ones developmentally? Every month you'll get a few recommendations!

toy ideas

You'll have a few activities or exercises to do with your little one to help them use their developing skills.

milestone play tips

Every month you'll know what's going on in your baby's body and what developmental skills to look out for.

Skills to look for

If you've ever spent time searching on google, social media, or another place online for where your baby should be with milestones, this monthly email is for you.

PLus the gross motor milestone checklist!

Not only will you know what skills to look for and how to encourage movement, but you'll be able to track it all with one simple checklist!


“Love this mommy and professional PT. She’s always willing to help out another momma and her babies. Extremely professional, knowledgeable and has loads of good ideas and tips for both parents and little ones.” 


“I love Mommy & Me PT! The recommended activities and answers to questions have been so valuable to me as a first-time mom.”


“Brittany has been an amazing help with any questions I have about my baby!”


“Brittany’s guidance has been extremely valuable, particularly during my son’s first year. Knowing when to expect certain milestones to happen and how to encourage them along is so great. Also, Brittany is the sweetest!”

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written by a mom with a doctorate of physical therapy

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