Ultimate Holiday Shopping List

If you have kids, you know how overwhelming it can be to shop for purposeful, useful gifts! There are literally an unlimited amount of toys and “stuff” you can buy, so how do you know which ones your kids will actually get the most use out of? I have compiled a list of toys that your kids will not only enjoy for years to come, but they will also help promote your child’s motor skills! If they are going to be playing with them anyway, they might as well be improving their developmental skills, too! 

Keep a few things in mind as you browse this Ultimate Shopping List:

  • I am posting links to specific toys, but for most all of these toys, there are several different alternatives. Feel free to shop around to find one that you like better!
  • These lists are not exclusive! A toy on the one-year-old list could easily be a great gift for a 3-year-old and so on. So, no matter what age you’re shopping for, make sure you glance at the other lists as well to see if anything sparks your interest.
  • Toys are not gender specific! Don’t pass over a toy because you think it is a “girl” or “boy” toy. The truth is, all of these toys are appropriate and developmentally beneficial for both genders!
  • Some of these toys take creativity to promote motor skills, but even on their own, these toys are great for promoting age appropriate developmental skills! But, don’t worry, I’ll tell you how to use each of these toys to promote motor skills, too!

Let’s get started! Click on any of the categories below for a detailed list of the toys I have picked out:

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