We all know that tummy time is super important. But, what if your baby’s reflux is making it easier said than done? I need to make this very clear: none of what I am sharing here is medical advice regarding reflux. I am not a medical doctor and cannot/will not speak to what is/isn’t “normal” […]

Tummy Time is easily the most common topic I get asked about. These babies just missed the memo that tummy time is important, am I right? Well, if your baby is 3+ months, try this hack! Put a tiny amount of water in a cookie sheet, throw down a boppy pillow or blanket roll and […]

Have you heard of a nursemaid’s elbow? This is a fancy coined term for elbow subluxation or elbow dislocation. The name comes from caregivers (nursemaids) pulling on children’s arms and dislocating the elbow! EEK! The elbow has two bones in it, the radius and the ulna. In a nursemaid’s elbow, the head of the radius […]

If your baby is in the ballpark of 4-6 months of age, you are probably starting to think about and prepare for introducing solid foods into your baby’s diet! Would you be surprised if I told you that there are some important motor skills to consider before taking the plunge into feeding skills? Disclaimer: This […]

One of my favorite things about the Christmas season is getting out our Christmas books the day we get out all of our Christmas decorations. I love watching my kids read through them and start getting into the Christmas spirit! Here are some of our favorite Christmas books: Little Blue Truck’s Christmas Winter You’re My […]

I don’t know about you, but I love giving gifts that go along with a certain theme! I love being creative and pairing similar items together, especially if they match a child’s particular interests! Below you will find some ideas for themed gift sets for this holiday season! FARM: Melissa & Doug Barnyard Puzzle Melissa […]

Floor seats are a huge market right now! Who wouldn’t want to keep your baby upright and happy for a few minutes while you get something done?! I can completely relate! But, here are some helpful things to keep in mind when shopping for a floor seat for your babe: +A seat that keeps baby’s […]

Marketing companies are B R I L L I A N T. They have a true gift for making us feel like we are better parents if we buy this product or our baby will be so much happier if we have that gadget! They even have handy little “recommended” ages for each of these […]

Since becoming a mom, I have realized that parents have the same pressing questions about milestone development, whether you are a first time mom or have several kiddos under your belt. I know how easy it is to get sucked into the rabbit hole of Google searches and spiraling with worry. To help ease this […]

About a year ago I discovered a new brand of baby + toddler shoes called Ten Little and I knew I had to give them a try. Shoe considerations is a really important topic to me as a physical therapist. The feet are the foundation of our entire bodies, so naturally we need to get […]