Tummy Time Sensory Hacks

Tummy Time is easily the most common topic I get asked about. These babies just missed the memo that tummy time is important, am I right? Well, if your baby is 3+ months, try this hack!

Put a tiny amount of water in a cookie sheet, throw down a boppy pillow or blanket roll and let your baby enjoy some water play on her tummy! You can add rubber ducks, plastic links or any other colorful, engaging toys. ALWAYS SUPERVISE YOUR BABY AROUND WATER, EVEN IF IT IS JUST A FEW INCHES

This activity is particularly helpful for babies who have entered the stage of the “swimming” reflex and tend to get their arms stuck behind them. Using the boppy helps prevent the arms from getting stuck too far behind the body! Then the water is a great motivator for baby to actively bring the arms back in front of the body and even to push up through extended arms (which typically emerges between 4-6 months). 

Here are a few other fun sensory ideas to you can to your baby’s tummy time:

  • Use a tummy time water mat which has fun colors and visual aspects but also provides an unsteady surface to add in a balance component!
  • Use textured sensory tiles on the floor to add visual interest and to encourage your baby to reach and pivot!
  • Use these colored scarves on the floor under your baby. These add visual interest, texture and novelty to your baby’s tummy time!

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