Back to School Shoe Guide

Are new shoes on your back-to-school clothes shopping list? I know how overwhelming it can be to shop for news and try to sift through so many different styles trying to decide which are best for your kids. I hope that this simple shoe guide will help make your shoe shopping less stressful. This list of my favorites is certainly not comprehensive, but hopefully it is a helpful start. 

Here is a simple list of tips to help you decide if a shoe is a good buy:

1. Supportive heel cup: this is the part of the shoe that holds the heel in place. Having a sturdy heel cup keeps the ankle in place and keeps it from sliding around

2. Adjustable straps or laces: this keeps the shoe snug to the foot. Again, important for keeping the foot in place. Nobody wants a foot that slides around inside their shoe

3. Supportive but flexible sole with non-slip bottoms: in new walkers, I like to have a shoe that you can bend in half — this allows the foot to still move around and adapt to the surface of the floor. After the first pair of flexible, walking shoes the folding in half isn’t as important, but we still want something sturdy with a non-slip sole

4. Wide toe box: it is important to have a wide space for the toes to spread out easily. This allows your toes to assist with balance and stability. It’s also important for foot/toenail health to not have the toes scrunched & squished together

Click on the links below to see some of my favorite shoes! *some of these are affiliate links*

Girls’ Target Velco Sneakers

Boys’ Target Velco Sneakers 

Ten Little Eveyrday Sneakers

Ten Little Everyday Sandals

See Kai Run Casual Sneaker

Stride Rite T-strap Sandal

Stride Rite Boys’ Running Shoe

Nike Hook and Loop Sneaker

Stride Rite Munchkin Sandals

KEEN Sandals

Nike Casual Sneakers

See Kai Run Girls’ High Top Sneakers

See Kai Run Boys’ High Top Sneakers

Stride Rite Closed Toe Sandal

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