When Baby Rolls Over In Her Crib

Who here has been personally victimized by a baby who rolls to his tummy in the crib and then screams because she can’t roll back over?

This is so common, but never fear! First let me just put your mind at ease….THIS. IS. A. PHASE! I promise it will get better. So many of us have been through this and we’ve lived to tell about it! But, I know how hard it feels when you’re in the thick of it! Here are a few easy motor tips to help your baby work through this phase:

  • Do one session of tummy time/day in baby’s room or even in baby’s crib. You can even pull the crib mattress out of the bed onto the floor and do some supervised tummy time there. This will help baby associate tummy time and the crib.
  • Practice rolling during each of baby’s wake times each day – roll baby into and out of tummy time to help baby associate the rolling motion with transitioning off the belly.
  • Use a water mat or a big fluffy pillow for a tummy time session each day. This will help baby more easily weight shift side to side in preparation for rolling.
  • Make rolling a game – roll your baby back and forth between two adults.

To get some more helpful tips on helping your baby roll from belly to back, check out this highlight on Instagram. You can also find more in depth information about all things rolling in my comprehensive Rolling Guide!

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